No Adhan, No Fun

I live in a country where no matter how close to a mosque you may live, you cannot hear the adhan being called out, and as much as I would love the sound of the adhan resonating from the loudspeaker of the mosque, and into my ears, I understand why that doesn’t happen here, and … More No Adhan, No Fun

Ramadan Mubarak

  As the sun gets stronger and the days grow longer may our faiths also burst forth. Letting no one stop us and nothing rock us so we may give this month its worth.   Ramadan Mubarak!  

Hello. Ahlan. Óla

I have done it. Yes, I have. I have finally jumped onto the bandwagon. Finally listened to myself. Finally given into my laziness. I.Have.Done.It. Found my voice too, really. Having attempted the ‘philosophical’ blog route, trying very hard to show how wise-beyond-my-years I am, and failing at keeping it going, I am finally here, being … More Hello. Ahlan. Óla