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Growing up, whenever I was asked about my ‘hobbies’, I never had to think before I said ‘reading’. The love for reading was something my parents instilled in me very early on, and it has been a love that has continued without ever fading. I still love and enjoy curling up with a good book, forgetting everything around me, and traveling to a new place, meeting new people, learning new things.

Over the last few years though, I have developed a new love. A new outlet, a new way to lose myself and enjoy it. I have fallen in love with painting.


No, I am no artist. Far from it, in fact. I don’t draw very well, and neither do I have any techniques right, but I still enjoy it. The whole process. The process of laying a base, opening and squeezing out colours from a tube, mixing, blending, creating. I love the flexibility. The ability to not fixate on rules. I love being able to play- with colours, with mediums, using brushes, or sponges, or sometimes just my fingers.


Painting, for me, is therapeutic. The one thing where I enjoy being utterly messy. Where being messy is, in fact, rewarding. Where beauty can emerge from utter chaos. Whether it may be a carefully sketched scene or just splashes of colours on a sheet, it is reflective. Reflective of how I feel, reflective of that moment in time, and that is what I absolutely love about painting.

Do you enjoy painting? Or do you have another hobby that you absolutely love and enjoy? I would love to know!

19 thoughts on “Hobby Talk

  1. I know that reading is “the” hobby we are supposed to have.. I am a Doodler after I am a reader 😬

  2. My hobby has always been reading too, though I would love to have a more creative hobby that gives such rewarding outcomes. Maybe blogging is my creative hobby 😉

  3. I have heard great stuff about painting! I know it’s therapeutic and soothes u!
    Ironically when I was a kid, bagged lots of 1st prizes in drawing competitions (upto clas 8) but then I just somehow lost the gift! I can’t draw now! Weird!

  4. I used to love colouring and drawing as well!! It’s so important to scrape some time out of our regular routine to do what we love the most

  5. I draw a lot!! Specially oil on canvas. Have my paintings all over my house. Haven’t held a brush or paint in more than 2 years!!!! Lovely post

    1. Oil on canvas! Wow! I have never even tried to attempt that! Maybe someday you should make a video featuring your paintings!

  6. I’ve loved painting ever since I was a kid. Waiting for my little one to grow up so that we can enjoy painting together 🙂

  7. I love reading..reading anything if not books then newspapers and apart frm that cleaning is what i do to distract myself.

  8. I’m artistically lame I guess. I draw an amoeba and mess that up too.. but I still love painting and drawing and it indeed is therapeutic.

  9. I love colouring and painting too……Have always been a fan…But it’s rather difficult to find since becoming a mother….It can be a messy and time consuming affair, as it should….Glad you have found a new hobby!

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